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February 2, 2019

Making art is an intimate, sacred practice. Whether it's visual art, music, theatre, or any other form of expression, it is something that can be so vulnerable for the creator, and so impactful for the spectator. Fan art is a beautiful interaction between artist and artist. A song that makes you feel something you've never felt before, a television show that you're emotionally invested in, or a book that illustrates a world that you feel like you belong in— fan art is a way to show appreciation for something someone else has made, while also using your talent to create something new, and possibly inspiring someone else.


Personally, I make art inspired by the things that motivate me– that make me excited for the future. I use my energy to to create something meaningful, something sprouted from love. Music, concerts, and the communities that surround them are all things that make my heart feel like it’s going to burst. Being able to establish a connection with someone through what they’ve made, and using that to create something of your own is an extremely unique feeling, and is something that I feel is underestimated and undervalued. Fan art isn’t taken seriously, as it can be seen as childish or immature because it’s using concepts or elements from usually music, television, books, or theatre. However, this mindset is extremely harmful and invalid, as making art is all about the things that inspire you. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a political movement, a traumatic experience, or a song that you’ve loved for the past three years. Fan art is a way for artists to connect with one other, and break boundaries across mediums.


Here are some incredibly talented artists that submitted pieces inspired by some of their favorite musicians.



Kennedy Smith

In honor of Maggie Rogers' debut album 'Heard It In A Past Life' coming out this week, I embroidered a design inspired by her single 'Light On'. Her music evokes so much emotion and has gotten me through so muhc. I'm so excited for the release of her album and can't wait to see her grow.

SOCIALS: Instagram @flyinggfinn



Grace Julian

COIN has been my favorite band since I stumbled upon their freshman album some stormy summer three years ago. Their music would eventually become something that would stay with me; even once everything and everyone else seemed so distant and hopeless. Through the thick and thin of these years, I have been fortunate enough to see the group live twice. No words can describe such an altering experience. The world vanishes and it's just you and the riveting beat rushing through your veins and nothing else. Singing along to 'Feeling' and holding Chase's hand was possibly the happiest moment of my life. For these reasons and more, I figured that a tribute to the band that saved my life countless times was more than fitting.

SOCIALS: Instagram @othersideofparadise_ Twitter @springbreak2005



 Nina Tritschler

Piece One: LANY ink doodle, edited with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Piece Two: LANY outfit drawing, done in Watercolor and Fineliner, edited with Photoshop

Piece Three: Pencil doodle of Jake Goss, drummer of LANY, edited with Photoshop and InDesign

SOCIALS: Instagram @artbyninaa



'We Roam Tundras' by Anthony M. Sennett

Trying to expand the mediums I work in, I have been experimenting in acrylics. On a 12 x 16 canvas, I used Earl Sweatshirt and his record 'Some Rap Songs' as a reference. The album is a completely unique experience, with the songs extending past cohesiveness and almost feeling entirely united, which is why I combined so many lyrics and themes in the record in the same space. Using music as a source of inspiration is incredible because it can evoke so many ideas and viewpoints you may never have conjured up alone. With the gloomy sonic landscape and insane lyricism, Earl provided a perfect realm to reinvigorate my creativity and go out of my comfort zone.

SOCIALS: Instagram @anthonymsennettt Twitter @for_sublunary


Eliza Semple

These pieces are based on COIN's single, 'Growing Pains'! It's both a literal and fun representation of their growth and continued improvements from waht they've shared with us in their self-titled debut and their sophomore album, HWYKIYNT.

SOCIALS: Instagram @definiciious Twitter @elizasemp



 Jennefer Weeks

My drawings are of the five band members of Hippo Campus. They were done using graphite pencils. I did these drawings because Hippo Campus is a band that has meant a lot to me. They helped me find my creativity again and my desire to do art. Their music continues to inspire me creatively.

SOCIALS: Instagram @theamazingjennefer Twitter @JenneferWeeks



Alexandra Silvers

Over the past few months, I have learned, or to be honest, struggled to learn, how to be comfortble and proud of the fan art I make. No matter how much I like a piece, or how much time I spend on it, there is always an overwhelming amount of anxiety when sharing it with the world. The fear of people thinking that what I make is invalid, or isn't considered genuine art is something that I definitely suffer with, but refuse to prevent me from making what I want & sharing it how and when I want. I love using different mediums and styles, specifically marker and ink, digital, and colored pencil. Artists such as Maggie Rogers, COIN, and The Aces are some of my biggest inspirations in and out of art, and making fan art is something that has always brought me joy, and I will continue to do it as long as I can. 

SOCIALS: Instagram @alexsilversart & @alexandra.silvers Twitter @alexndrasilvers 




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