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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. VI - Emily Blue

January 3, 2019

Emily Blue, 23, is making the whimsy pop tunes to soundtrack every one of your pastel toned daydreams. Blue’s most recent works include her EP ‘*69’ and double release ‘Blueberries // Rico Acid’, both fitting what she describes as “glitch pop”. However, her debut album ‘Another Angry Woman’ is more along the lines of indie pop, with prominent feminist rhetoric and bits of spoken word. I stumbled upon Emily mid-2018 and immediately fell in love with everything she has to offer.


With powerful ballads like ‘Sidewalk Devil’, in which she describes the looming fear of street harassment women carry day to day, and and dance-y track ‘Cellophane’, there is something about Emily Blue that everyone will love. Her music is addictive and all encompassing, making you feel like you are fully immersed in the dreamland she has built with her music, complete with deep summers and shallow hearts.


Check out Emily Blue's latest EP '*69' here

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