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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XLI - Deb Never

September 4, 2019


With the release of her debut EP ‘House on Wheels’, Deb Never has already started to take the world by storm. Every one of these tracks builds its own dynamic atmosphere, exploring levels and levels of angst and pain through addictive hooks and classic rock guitar. Remaining unbound by genre, she explores everything from pop to beat driven samples with accents of punk, delving into every facet of music and proving she is simply an endless cavern of creation. Never has taken her raw and untethered emotion and bared it with grace and precision, while still remaining faithful to her own truth. Track #4 ‘Swimming’ is a shining example of what Deb Never has come to say, its frank and undeniably honest, starting with the line ‘Treat me like you give a fuck about me now’. Written at a time with Never was feeling alone and simply unheard, turning to music to conjure these feelings up into something no one could possibly ignore. Closing track ‘DKWYWFM’ is my personal favorite, it’s intimate and just so real. Just Never and her guitar, turning inward and reflecting, ending in an array orchestral strings and layers of hypnotic vocals. Reminding me of every late night spent losing myself just to rebuild and start again. What I find so admirable about this EP is that it’s intentions are so sincere, it’s a release of emotion, an extension of Never herself. Something she can scream to, giving in to her own mind, and letting go.

Be sure to stream 'House on Wheels' here, and keep up with Never on Instagram and Twitter.

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