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August 3, 2018

Young new artist Lilly Yanes–stage name LILLY–out of Georgia steps into the scene with her whimsical debut single, DAYDREAMIN' . This song is filled with rich synth that makes your heart melt and brings you back to heated summers full of vinyl and lemonade.You can almost feel the sun on your skin as LILLY moves into chorus, her full and smooth voice drawing you further into the fever dream.


“I was inspired last year to write this song when jumbled words/phrases kept popping into my head like possibilities are endless, measureless, unending, infinite." LILLY writes us, “when you’re daydreamin, anything is possible. I recorded this song with my producer Ivan Ruiz based in Atlanta, Ga (Feelpanda Productions) who is a magical wizard by the way.”



Be sure to check her out on all social media (INSTAGRAMFACEBOOK, TWITTER) and of course give her debut single a spin, or two, or three.



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