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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XLIX - Chelsea Jade

October 30, 2019


Chelsea Jade is making music that you just have to dance to, not simply tapping your feet or patting your jeans, but an all out physical release. You spin her record and you can literally feel the synth and keys in your veins, begging you to move and shake off your troubles. She has such a deep understanding of the nuances of pop, bringing to it her own eclectic style and tastes of the 80’s, making her debut album ‘Personal Best’ a staple in my pop arsenal. There’s something about her rumbly bass lines and airy synth that land me right into that coming of age film, John Hughes type head space. Feet hitting the pavement running under the neon street lights, dancing alone in a crowd of people, finding and losing myself again and again. Sonically, Chelsea’s music is generally upbeat and funky, but her lyrics explore hard hitting themes and a sinking depth that will stick with you for days to come. Her debut single ‘Low Brow’ telling the story of someone taking more than they have ever given, trying to mold you into their ideal partner, slowly chipping away at your being until you hardly recognize yourself. This track along with ‘Laugh It Off’ have become my newest anthems for nights where I need to fight off those cyclical, self-deprecating thoughts. Screaming and kicking and dancing until I can find myself again, shedding those worrisome layers.


Be sure to stream debut record from Chelsea Jade 'Personal Best' here, and keep up with her on Instagram!

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