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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXXV - Catie Turner

July 24, 2019

I’ve always believed that music will find its way into your life at the perfect time, and that's exactly how I feel about debut EP from Catie Turner, ‘The Sad Vegan’. This is the perfect coming-of-age record, following Catie through the frustrations of young adulthood, and you feel every bit of her confusion, love, and nostalgia. Learning to deal with change is something I’m working on in my personal life, so tracks like ‘A Little More’ really struck a nerve with me. Growing up you hold on so tightly to the idea of getting out of your hometown and moving on from its dormancy, but when it comes time to say goodbye to everything you’ve ever known, you realize that you’re going to miss your favorite corner stores and coffee shops more than anything. You wake up one morning and catch the train to work and it hits you that you’ll never 13 again, it’s a sort of sinking feeling that leaves you wanting more Sundays with your mom watching cartoons. All that time you spent wishing you could just get out you didn't notice that everything was moving so fast, and you wish you could hit pause. As if I wasn't crying enough already, I want to talk about Turner’s heart wrenching confessional ‘Home’. Catie has this smokey and soulful timbre that really hits you in your core, so hearing her cry out this tale of long distance love, I am nothing less than floored. That longing for closeness when it's just not possible is a nuanced type of hurt, something that only a songwriter with talent like Catie can capture.  Track after track, she is pouring her heart out and making sure everyone can hear her truth, and I am nothing less than enamored by her genius use of soft guitar and subtle synth to tell us her story. Listening to this EP feels like looking into a mirror, trying to come to terms that everything—including yourself—is changing.


Be sure to stream Catie Turners debut EP 'The Sad Vegan' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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