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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXXIX - Bedouine

August 21, 2019


Something that I often look for in music is to assist healing; slow, calm, soothing sounds that can make any moment of stress or tension dissipate into peace. I tend to call them my “starting again” songs. Music that allows me to let go of whatever is holding me back. Bedouine is one of those artists for me. 


Azniv Korkejian is an artist that spent her life moving from place to place. Born in Syria, Azniv spent her young life in Saudi Arabia, then moved to America and settled in Boston, followed by Houston, and eventually Los Angeles. Continuing her nomadic lifestyle, Korkejian spent the following years living in various states across the US, including Kentucky, Texas, and Georgia, until finally settling back in Los Angeles. This back and forth and around had major influences on Korkejian’s musical style & narratives that she shares in her work. Feelings of displacement, of isolation, but also of community, and of comfort.


Reminiscent of sixties folk and a hint of seventies funk, the guitar plucking and warm vocals bring such a low conflict of sounds. They melt together beautifully and harmoniously, it puts my mind and heart at ease. I’m reminded of driving through mountains in North Carolina, or spending mild summer days alone in the sun.


Check out Bedouine on Spotify , and be sure to keep up with her on Instagram & Twitter!


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