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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XVI - BAUM

March 13, 2019


Head-strong and heavy-hearted, dark pop powerhouse BAUM has stolen our hearts day by day. Her most recent release is her debut EP titled ‘Ungodly’ is accumulation of everything you could ever want in a pop record, punchy and cinematic tellings of her coming of age, wrapped in a blanket of nostalgia. A hybrid of everything good, incorporating dreamy dance-y pieces of pop and the smooth and sultry bits of R&B, linked together with her baring lyricism. One of my favorite tracks is the anthemic and hard hitting ‘This Body’, tearing down the preconceived notions that women carry on their shoulders, and also serving as a caveat to cat-callers. Not only does BAUM spread an important narrative within her music, she also is an incredibly supportive presence on social media, promoting body positivity and empowering the women around her. It is beyond admirable to see an artist use their online presence to embody their rhetoric, and not just writing about her ideology in music, but actually putting it in motion for others to absorb and learn from. Everything about BAUM is real and raw, which is what makes her so addictive. 


Be sure to keep up with BAUM on Twitter and Instagram, and to stream her EP 'Ungodly'


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