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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXX - Alex Lahey

June 19, 2019


Melbourne born artist Alex Lahey is ripping through both her national and international alternative scene with her specialised brand of indie pop-punk. Her latest full length release The Best Of Luck Club sees a maturation of sound, a slighter darker edge to her previously high tempo pieces like super successful single Everyday’s The Weekend. Lahey has evolved, musically and lyrically. Outspokenly queer, Lahey powers through adversity and stands as an inspiration for women and queer identifying people everywhere. Despite the change in tone musically, Lahey still provides an electric live show full of charm. Earnest songwriting, consistently relatable and delightfully humble, Lahey is a different kind of artist making music we’ve heard before; music she moulds into something familiar yet exciting. 


Be sure to stream her latest record 'The Best of Luck Club' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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