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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXIV - WENS

May 8, 2019


There is something so intoxicating about WENS and the air that surrounds her, the way she pairs her light and glimmering vocals, with her darker and heavier production. WENS is making the atmospheric power anthems, for those nights with friends when you feel untouchable. Her latest release ‘That Really Long Night’ is absolutely addictive, track after track we get to hear her story unfold that she put to paper after a pivotal part of her life. Opening with the introspective and confessional ‘Take’, showing a soft and vulnerable side of herself, swept up in a love so grand. With a beautiful airy falsetto she takes you out into this dreamscape with her and it’s like you can feel the butterflies yourself. My personal favorite track, ‘Reasons’ shares a narrative that feels all too familiar, looking someone in the eyes and knowing you’re seeing who they could be and not who they are, and still not being able to walk away. Staying for all of those what if’s and maybe’s that in the end could never make up for their faults. The record is closed with ‘Bottles’, the track that named the EP, a story of a night that seemed to never end and lights so bright you must have accidentally hit send on that text that definitely should have stayed safe with you. WENS has said that she isn’t good at talking about herself and that music is how she is able to let it all out, and whether it be a tale of words that were better unsaid, or trying to open up to the one person you trust, we can feel it radiating from WENS wholly and fiercely.


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