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January 31, 2019


Haley Heynderickx is one of those musicians that you can feel their passion and love through their work. The Oregon native blesses the world with her beautiful and majestic folk ballads and jazz influences. Her most recent release, a collaboration with Max Garcia Conover, is a six song EP— ‘Among Horses’ is filled with golden, intricate acoustic ballads. The heart wrenching vocals paired with lyrics with such illustrious imagery makes me feel like I’m apart of the narrative, as if I’m experiencing it myself. Heynderickx’s 2018 album, ‘I Need To Start A Garden’ has a certain softness and vulnerability to it that is so intimate, to the point where the word that keeps coming to mind is “genuine”. Genuine is how I would describe Heynderickx as an artist— willing to expose herself and her thoughts and emotions, but delivering them with such power and tenacity. Showing this sort of multifacetedness is so difficult as an artist, but Haley does it so well. Exposing all qualities of being human; feeling powerlessness, anger, sadness, frustration, hopefulness, empowerment, bravery. Everything that Haley has made only makes me ten times more excited for what’s she’s going to make in the future.


Be sure to heck out Haley’s Instagram, Twitter, and website.



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