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In Our Hearts, 2019.

December 18, 2019

This past year, we have sung, danced, cried, drove, laughed, screamed, and listened. Here are our favorite releases from 2019.


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In My Room - Frank Ocean

Frank never disappoints. This is the song I put on when I want to feel good, when I want to feel light, when I want to feel like all is right in the world and my worries don’t exist.


I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again - Mura Masa ft. Clairo

This is one of those songs that makes me wish I knew how to make music. 


Charlie - Mallrat

I’m brought to tears everytime I listen to this, yet also met with a wave of comfort. Hands down, some of my favorite lyrics of the year. 


Happiness is a butterfly - Lana Del Rey

Lana was one of my favorite artists in my mid teens, and this entire album really resurged that love. 


Hallelujah - HAIM

By far one of my favorite songs from HAIM. My heart feels wide open when I listen to it, completely immersed in vulnerability.


All Around the Room - Wanderwild

I smile everytime this song comes on. The punchy guitar, the claps in the background, the playful lyrics. I’m literally dancing in my chair while writing this. 


One Last Wedding - Thad Kopec

A song that makes me weep, in the best and most beautiful way.


Simply Surviving - The Greeting Committee

TGC are one of my favorite artists of all time, and their EP this year just deepened that love. Angst and hopelessness and frustration flows out of this song; a type of catharsis. 


Balaclava - Raffaella

One of the songs that soundtracked my summer. I’m not one for super dancey and upbeat pop, but Raffaella is the epitome of an exception. You haven’t lived until you’ve listened to this full volume driving down the highway.


Caroline - Briston Maroney

Oh, a crying song for sure. You know when life just feels so out of your control? When you feel so far away from yourself? Briston has found a painfully clear path to the heartstrings.


Circles - Post Malone

One of the best radio hits of the year. I could listen to this on repeat for hours (and I have). 


Lover - Taylor Swift

Artist of the decade deserves many more spots on this playlist, but the title track from her latest album is one of my favorite love songs ever created. The bridge two minutes in especially is absolutely magical and warm; you can feel the love radiating off her.


Kleenex - Baby Boys

Baby Boys are making music unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Filled with discourse and chaos, this entire project reminds me of the realms of music that have never even been explored, and makes me excited to see what’s to come.


RACECAR - Deaton Chris Anthony ft. Clairo, Coco & Clair Clair

The ultimate hype song. Made to be blasted on your AUX with you and your friends dancing outside your car making absolute fools of yourself. I would know, I’ve done it.


Chastain - Del Water Gap

This is what I put on when it’s snowing, when I’m exhausted, when I’m trying to not think. A few minutes of peace.


Seventeen - Sharon Van Etten

I don’t know how it’s possible to classify a song as a ‘classic’ after hearing it for the first time, but that’s what happened with me and Sharon Van Etten’s latest album. A flood of nostalgia of listening to classic rock radio as a child.


Service Road - Better Oblivion Community Center

BOCC was one of my favorite records of the year. Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst are two unstoppable forces, and together they create the most beautiful and heart wrenching work.





Love You for a Long Time - Maggie Rogers 

My absolute southern belle anthem, this song sweeps me off my feet into that golden daydream that is falling in love. 


SUGAR -  Brockhampton

It's 2001, you just got broken up with over the land line. You end up outside their house dancing in the pouring rain to win them back.


Growing Up - Riah 

This song got me through the summer, feels like silken sun beating down on your back, riding bikes with your best friends, picnics at dusk. 


Call In The Morning - The Greeting Committee

I faced my greatest fears within this song, something shifts every time I listen, learning from its prose over and over again. 


Paris - Samia

The most beautiful and heart wrenching song about love, one that has come and gone, leaving you with memories pulling more bitter than sweet by the day. 


You Burned Me - Donna Missal

Put this song on and scream and move and let it all go, in a big moment of triumph, and refusal to get hurt again.


In Between Plans - Your Smith

I’ve never felt more in between plans than I have this year, this track reminds me that it’s okay to be unsure.


Joy Ride - Lou Roy

I’ve said it before but this song just feels like it’s been with me forever, everything Lou makes just settles into my bones in the best way.


Peach - Kevin Abstract

Listening to this just makes me want to be in love so bad, I’m really just tryna be someones babydoll AND their bodyguard.


Crash My Car - COIN

Within two seconds this song makes me feel fireworks at my fingertips, like the depths of summer when my friends and I were absolutely unstoppable.



All I can think about when I hear this track when I saw Roy in ATL. The song hadn’t even dropped yet but everyone in the room was moving like they’d known it for years, the energy was electric. 


Everybody Wants You - Red Hearse

The Read Hearse record was a pivotal moment for every type of music lover this year, and this song has soundtracked so many of my hopeless romantic antics.


To Be So Lonely - Harry Styles

Everything I love about pop, folk, and indie is cultivated in this song, the perfect record to wrap up the year.


Burning - Maggie Rogers

That feeling of undeniable magnetism, your skin aflame and your heart right there with it, a love bigger than you could ever imagine.

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