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Weekly Women in Music Vol. I - Huxlee.

November 29, 2018


It was around last December when I stumbled upon ‘Ugly’ by Huxlee (Caitlin Notey), I was immediately struck cold by her raw and baring lyrical prose. As of today she has three EP’s, ‘Aftertaste’ and ‘Teammate’ which are both available on Spotify, and ‘Bloom’ which you’ll have to dig around for. Her most recent track being hypnotic and spunky single titled ‘For Paul’. Huxlee is writing the songs I can see myself connecting with for the rest of time, she speaks of love and loss, pulling at your heart and lighting that fire in your rib cage. Using her folk and country roots to create dynamic and contrast-y tracks, layering organic and alternative aesthetics, upright bass and acoustic vocals working effortlessly with technically inclined synth.


Every one of these songs wholly embody her rhetoric, leaving no words unsaid and all feelings laid bare. ‘Big Breath In’ feels just like standing in the pouring rain fighting for a release, ‘Ugly’ a climactic confession of shame and resentment, ‘Teammate’ moving like clockwork cogs ticking and gears working in perfect harmony. No one can portray passion like her, that ‘white knuckle’, ‘tidal wave in the kiddie pool’ type fervor that she writes of will be ringing in your ears for days to come.


xx, Trin.



Check out Huxlee on Spotify and Instagram!


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