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Kate Nash - Photo Gallery

May 26, 2018

'Kate Nash's garage pop/rock single "Life in Pink" gives us an insider scoop of what goes on in her mind. Nash begins the song (and the album) with the lyric "I think about death all the time, do you think that's morbid" and that's just about as real and as Kate Nash as you'll get. This lyric could have easily been found on her 2007 album Made of Bricks which was full of endearing but angsty lyrics that perfectly conveyed female adolescence. Nash has always been incredibly blunt and creatively expressive, so her ability to draw attention to mental illness through this song in such a powerful outspoken way comes as no surprise to us. Between the raw lyrics and the quirky melodies "Life in Pink" perfectly encapsulates what mental illness is like for many young girls and boys. There are highs and lows and both extremes can be negative. Nash elegantly expresses many of those ups and downs throughout her latest album Yesterday Was Forever." - Tori White


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Shot by Tori White




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