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COIN - The North American Tour. Photos and Feelings

Before this tour even hit it's halfway mark, everyone could tell this run of shows was like none other. The energy in every theater, House of Blues, and Fillmore is magnetic. Lines stretching blocks and fans jittering with excitement from barricade to the balcony. Night after night, COIN steps on stage and make pure magic, leaving everyone walking back to their cars in awe and telling their Uber drivers to listen to their new single 'Growing Pains'.  Which by the way, if you haven't listened, I am ordering you to play it now.  Once you're done, come back and read what Tori, an excellent writer here at Tuesday, has to say about this new track. 


 "COIN has done it again with their new single 'Growing Pains'. An exceptionally catchy hook and youthful lyrics undoubtedly appeal to their young adult audience. Sticking to their roots, “Growing Pains” lyrics assure the listeners that it’s OK to be lost, young, and unsure. COIN has always made it known to their listeners that they have a home in their music and at their shows and this song perfectly fits their ‘Welcome Home’ mantra.They edge up their sound in this first track since the band’s sophomore album release How Will You Know If You Never Try, adding a little more rock to their usual synth-pop sound. The synth filled indie pop sound has worked well for them in the past and we are glad that it’s here to stay. If COIN’s new wave 80’s sound doesn’t make you want to lose your mind in a room full of your friends, you simply are not listening properly. Their new, innovative way of mixing sounds has us biting our nails in expectation for more." - Tori White. 


The COIN guys have left us floored over and over again, and this third album will be no exception. We've gotten little peeks here and there with social media content and unreleased songs played live, and from the glimpse  into album three, we couldn't be more excited for what is to come. So, please enjoy accumulation of photos taken in a few cities from the first half of our favorite tour. Click the photo below to view the full gallery. 



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