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The Importance of Music Inspired Art

January 12, 2018

As a young artist growing up I have had the pleasure of getting a first hand look into the deep connection between the music we listen to or bands we follow, and the things we create. Everything from lyrics to live production has the power to spark inspiration and get someone to start making and sharing their ideas and creations. There is a certain stigma and overall look of  "why are you like that" when someone continuously makes 'fan art', this is the mindset we need to bury, like, way deep into the dirt. Young artists shouldn't have to get use to being called silly and having their creativity dismissed. Shaming someone for creating and being vulnerable enough to show it to the public eye, just because it happens to be inspired by another artist is incredibly regressive. Anyone who is able to hear a song and make something out of it, or go to shows and capture the intimacy and bong between crowd and artist deserves the same respect as anyone else. With that, I want to showcase some amazing pieces from young creatives that have drawn inspiration from all different artists from all different genres. 



"This is a drawing inspired by Supercut by Lorde. The orbs are memories colliding in her head. I loved using vibrant colors, since I think that the song emits them. Also, I picked the reference image due to the use of the lyric ‘these ribbons wrap me up.’ The track is gorgeously written and it was very fun making a visual of it." - Anthony M. Sennet (Left)

Twitter: anthonyms_art Instagram: Anthonymsennettt








"COIN is a major inspiration for me at this point in my life. The way that they radiate positivity and hope motivates me not only artistically, but also in life in general. I enjoy making art inspired them as a way to show my appreciation for what they do, and in hopes of someone feeling the joy from my work that I feel from COIN." -Alex Silvers

Twitter: SOFTANDSlMPLE Insta: alexsilversart















"I shot this LANY Charlotte, NC show with my Fujifilm disposable camera.

These shots mean so much to me because this was my first show that I attended by myself and met my now close concert friend, Alex. Shooting shows in film is special to me because of the thrill of taking one shot and not knowing how they come out immediately. The unpredictable outcome of film is what makes it so exciting to shoot and I love to put the viewers of the photos in the moment as well." - Isabel Padilla

Instagram: is.bel




"COIN, Coasts, & Phangs inspired embroidery. xx"

Twitter: heartlessmacy





Paintings by - Ashton Carr

Twitter: tombstonepoetry





Hippo campus, Lany, and COIN embroidery

Twitter: 4evertrin Instagram: trinityxalia






Digital Art - Chase Lawrence and Declan Mckenna

Twitter: lmaomanda




"These drawings mean a lot to me. They are of each band member from Hippo Campus. I had done them in order to give them to the band. I ended up actually getting to meet the band and they all loved the drawings so much. Whistler even posted them on his Instagram story and showed that they had hung them up in their tour bus. Hippo Campus is my absolute favorite band and I love them so much." - Jennefer Weeks





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