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Review! - Warm Glow EP by Hippo Campus

September 17, 2017

This EP is absolutely beautiful, but what else is to expect from the amazing artists that are, Hippo Campus. These guys never fail to surprise me and get me to reminisce on all of my happiest, nostalgia filled moments. When I first sat down to listen I took my pen and paper and scribbled down my first thoughts, they are mostly illegible nonsense but I'm including them anyways. With some translation, you're welcome. 





"Baseball: YEP! she's groovy. It's Hippo Campus so idk what they are saying yet, but I like it. Feels like a southern summer"

Baseball makes you want to get up, go outside, and soak up all the sun you can. I makes me feel like i'm back at my great grandparents house in Arkansas, a southern summer. Not to mention, she's groovy! Hippo Campus wasted no time getting to the bops, with that evocative, "Boyish" like intro. Your feet are immediately tapping, and if you're head over heels for this band like I am, you already have a dumb smile on your face by the 10 second mark.



"Bass line is dooope. wait(?) a BREAKDOWN, yes! @ 1:50 oh baby. stop"

Was overwhelmed? Yes. Was I totally down? Absolutely! I was feeling a wave of excitement and happiness because this song is just SO damn good! The bass line is so, for lack of a better word, funky. The last pre-chorus is my absolute favorite part of the song. The way the words "fiction" and "framework" break up the assonance makes my ears actually smile. Shouts-out to Mr. Jake Luppen, coming through with that amazing diction. What really perfects this for me is how it sounds like you're listening to the track on an antique record player. All in all, this to be the song I show my grand kids on my record player in my attic                  



"Traveler: Ok I had to pause bc the guitar was too good, phew. Ok, resume!" 

 I am beyond enamored with the lyrics in Traveler. I found myself mostly writing down lines because each one stuck with me, one after another I was floored by this bands lyricism.



 "Terrified of how waking life walks frightened frame with a shirt that talks I tripped over the moon about ya" I mean, come on! I'm genuinely angry because they are so good. Moving on. 




"You said that you wanted me too, I wa-- (Guess I couldn't understand the words? Who knows) all for you!" Past me was really really feeling the lyrics. 

"I love the time changes thru this. Ooh! Folksy! Ahh!" That sums it up pretty well, but I'll add that I do really love the time changes, it makes this song even more irresistibly dance-y. Think in your room, hair brush microphone and all, dancing to this flawless bass line.



"Bass line once again so good! Zachary! Chord progression around 50 seconds! Yes! oo oo oo!" 'Yes!' Is right past Trinity! I adore this progression. It's more around 40 seconds though. Still, it's flawless. This song feels like a Saturday morning, the one song you blast while you're getting ready or cleaning your room. Then you get too caught up in the air drums



This is where things get emotional, in a good way, of course. At the beginning of my notes I even wrote "I feel like I'm going to be out of words for this one". I was right! Warm glow immediately earned a special place in my heart. This production is breath taking, and the lyrics literally left me dumb founded. Note: I am now crying writing this, the best kind of crying. My heart swells for this piece, ringing memories from my favorite song off of Landmark, Epitaph. Yet still feeling completely fresh. The use of colors  throughout paint the most beautiful picture while listening. The hazel hounds, the rose-set road, how the "wave swept gold drips from your mouth". This song feels like that love that makes you think you are going to combust. That moment when you are looking at your best friend laughing, wondering how you got so lucky, or when your mother is smiling down at your little siblings and you wonder what you did to deserve these ethereal moments. 


Can you tell I was literally speechless? I actually started just doodling letting every word sink in. The "composition / layering" part is in reference to the poly-textual outro. The big build up then a resolution. Warm Glow is the road trip with your best friends, laughing at nothing and at everything. that blissful soreness in your cheeks from smiling. Warm Glow is when you see the sunset, and you could swear it was made up of colors no one had ever seen. 

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