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September 8, 2017

A few months ago I arrived at LGA in New York, my first time travelling alone, only 16 and carrying 50 pound tent/cot contraption on my back. Why? I was heading to queue for the legendary show that was The 1975, live, at Madison Square Garden. I waited an hour for an cab at my gate, was yelled at by my driver because he got lost, but I had truly never felt such bliss. Imagine me, smiling like an idiot in the back of an Uber being screamed at by a grown man, not caring about anything other than seeing my friends and my band. I was completely dumbstruck that I was really actually there. This trip was everything to me. I showed up a ball of nerves and anxiety but was immediately met with the greatest people on Earth, who made me feel like family. This was my first and last show of The 1975's spring tour. But hell did we make it count. So, I lay in front of you 6 nights, 7 days, one big happy queue, on film. 


 15 photos cannot do the amount of fun we had justice, but I don't think anything can. We danced and sang and cried together, and shared endless pizzas. We slept to the extremely cold, hot, rainy, and loud together. We formed something amazing that can never be fully described. If I were to try I would  tell you what my mom told me on the phone when I was complaining about how people were taking photos of the queue. She said to me "Well, its because you are the epitome of the beauty of youth." That's what it felt like, the epitome of the beauty of youth.




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